It it Moral to use Taxes to support Fossil Fuels?

Outside of the investment sphere, Head of Sustainable Investing Dr Rayer presents the moral argument

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In this short article by Dr Quintin Rayer, P1’s Head of research and ethical investing, begins summarising the moral argument around fossil divestment. He then goes on to draw a parallel with government expenditures to ask whether tax revenues should be used to support fossil fuels.

Read Dr Quintin Rayer’s article in greater depth, the article is titled “Is it Moral to use Taxes to support fossil fuels?” Oxcan (Osxford Cliemate Alumuni Netowork). Available at, 3 pages. 28 October 2020.

Petition to End financial support for fossil fuels

Quintin would alongside like to bring your attention to a recent UK Parliamentary petition listed as “End all forms of financial support for fossil fuels”. If you’d be interested in signing the petition click the following link: