An extremely important aspect of our activities, ensuring we continue to enhance our services and contribute to the advancement of the industry.

P1’s research and thought leadership allows us to continually improve our investment solutions for the benefit of you and your clients. Our research predominantly covers ethical and sustainable investment, stress-testing and portfolio construction.


We conduct both qualitative and quantitative investment research making sure our investment solutions are leading the way. Our research is written for a broad audience from trustees and charities to financial advisers and wealth managers. The calibre of our research permits it to be published in leading industry titles across financial services and in peer-reviewed academic journals, again cementing our work as genuinely ground breaking.

Ethical Oversight Committee

P1 has taken the unusual step of appointing an external ethical oversight committee to guide its position on ethical and sustainable investment topics and policies. We are one of only a handful of wealth managers and fund houses in the UK to adopt external monitoring of this kind.

The Ethical Oversight Committee reviews ethical and sustainability issues, and topics posed to them by the investment team to ensure that every fund P1 selects has robust ethical investment policies.  The Committee meets regularly, engages on ethical and sustainability issues, raises difficult questions and audits our process.

The Ethical Oversight Committee, combined with P1’s proprietary research, ensures that P1 selects funds that meet the highest ethical and sustainable standards.  It also helps us to avoid funds that are “greenwashed”, merely seeking an ethical label for marketing purposes.

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Introducing Dr Quintin Rayer

As our Head of Research & Ethical Investing, Quintin is the mastermind of our exhaustive due diligence process. He has extensive experience in quantitative fund and risk analysis and has worked for some of the biggest names in financial services. He was also the second person in the UK to earn the Sustainable Investment Professional Certification (SIPC). Besides a wealth of  qualifications, Quintin has an Atmospheric Physics Doctorate from Oxford University and has applied computational models he learnt in engineering to areas of investment.

We have a fantastic supporting cast too

We have a supporting cast of research and analysis experts – each of whom holds formal qualifications in investment management and averages 12 years of investment experience. Because we care about the authenticity of our investment portfolios, we have voluntarily appointed an external ethical oversight committee to guide our ethical policies. And we are one of the only discretionary find managers in the country to have done so. When we say ethical, we mean ethical.

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Our Research

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Ethical Investment

In our research, we look to raise awareness about the fundamental importance of ethical investment and increase familiarity with concepts and phrases such as ‘sustainable investment’, ‘Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance’ (ESG). We also consider the various approaches used for investing ethically. At P1 investment we work hard to reflect these values in our everyday culture.

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Stress-testing portfolios

Often, conventional risk measures do not fully capture all risks inherent in a portfolio, particularly under difficult market conditions.  Portfolio stress testing helps identify and quantify risks within a portfolio and can reassure an investor as to how their portfolio might respond to specific market outcomes or other concerns.

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Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction theory requires critical thought in the context of the theory of investment as applied to the management of private client funds, the tailoring of a portfolio to clients’ needs and much more.  It covers topics, including: Asset Classes, Asset Allocation,  Modern Portfolio Theory, Capital Asset Pricing, Ethical Investing and Behavioral Finance.

We provide ethical and sustainable investment consultancy for those needing it.

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