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When we say ethical, we mean ethical

Humanity needs to harness the power of companies to end harmful behaviours and to tackle challenges, which may relate to the environment, climate change and social issues. Investment via financial markets can help support and control companies’ behaviour by rewarding those companies that are working to address problems and reducing access to share capital or bond financing for others with unethical or unsustainable practices.

Because we take ethical and sustainable investing extremely seriously at P1, we employ staff with formally recognised qualifications in sustainable and ethical investment.

We truly understand the issues and challenges surrounding ethical investment and can demonstrate that our commitment is more than skin-deep.

Our expertise means that we can strive to ensure that we select funds that are meeting the highest possible standards and we can avoid those that merely seek an ethical label for marketing purposes. Our portfolios use a similar robust portfolio construction methodology to our conventional portfolios, combining our expertise with our strategic and tactical asset allocation views.

Our proprietary process includes:

  • 70 plus detailed questions on ethical and sustainable commitments of the fund and the fund house,
  • Weighted scoring of questionnaire and panelling of funds,
  • Meetings and calls with fund manager where possible,
  • Analysis of assessment of fund performance and risk metrics
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P1’s commitment to sustainable investment

Net Zero Carbon 10 Target

Our Net-Zero Carbon 10 (NZC10) target was designed as a way to help funds better align their investment policies with carbon-neutrality, not just emissions reduction. It is designed to be practical to implement by fund managers and easily understood by investors.

Few sustainable funds challenge company boards on their strategies to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. This meant a target with a systematic framework was needed to help with engagement.

Our NZC10 target for investors helps direct capital to promote the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.  Financial markets play a crucial role in supporting companies that have achieved net-zero carbon emissions, as well as those starting that journey. 

There are currently ten fund houses; Aegon, Alquity, Artemis, Janus Henderson, Liontrust, Montanaro, Schroders, Triodos AM, Walls & Future and WHEB Group, with 13 funds signed up to the target. 

£14.4 billion AUMs are signed up to the Net Zero Carbon target

Find out more about NZC10

When we say ethical, we mean ethical

Ethical Oversight Committee

P1 Investment Management has taken the unusual step of appointing an external ethical oversight committee to guide its position on ethical and sustainable investment topics and policies. We are one of only a handful of wealth managers and fund houses in the UK to adopt this external monitoring.

The Ethical Oversight Committee reviews ethical and sustainability issues, and topics posed to them by the investment team to ensure that every fund P1 selects has robust ethical investment policies.  P1’s Ethical Oversight Committee meets regularly, engages on ethical and sustainability issues, raises difficult questions and audits our process.

Ethical Oversight Committee

How much with it cost?

The service is provided at a price of 0.20% for account values up to £1m, and 0.1% thereafter.

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The below figures illustrate the annual costs and saving of investing in a P1 Ethical Model Portfolio, it does not include the underlying fund or platform charges.


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